Letter #6: Decoding the Message

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The 6th installment to my personal newsletter was typed up and sent out on Monday, November 9th, 2015. In case you missed it, Letter #6 includes links to the worlds creepiest hack, a cryptic message the entire Internet is trying to solve, and a mysterious podcast with great story telling.

Letters from an Internet Traveler is the irregularly scheduled newsletter from an overactive cybernaut (me)—sending you thought-provoking tidbits and internet obscurities you’ve probably overlooked, one digestible chunk at a time.

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Digital Culturist is Open for Submissions

If you love observing and analyzing technological trends and their cultural effects on society, my Digital Culturist publication is looking for contributors. Use the link below to get a sense of what we’re looking for in contributors, and our guidelines for submitting a story.

Joining the Conversation

Digital Culturist is a Medium publication, so if you’re interested in contributing, you’ll have to create a Medium account if you don’t already have one.


Another Publication for the Digital Age

I started a new tech hub at Medium. It’s called Digital Culturist. It’s a place for stories, commentary, and opinions that focus on the crossroads of technology and culture. Here’s the introductory post I wrote for it. It explains in pretty clear language what I believe digital culture is, and what the mission of the Digital Culturist publication is. So far it’s received some pretty positive feedback and praise, so I’m proud of that. And, surprisingly, followers are steady growing (300+). So if you’re on Medium, follow it! I promise you’ll read some really great stuff on there.

Digital Culturist

This is just another experiment for me, as everything is. Something to say I’ve done. Maybe it’s something that’ll catch on, maybe it’s something that’ll go unnoticed for the most part. Regardless of the outcome, I’m really enjoying it. If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m really interested in this subject and I’m very happy to share these interesting, unique ideas with you, dear reader. I’m excited to see where I will take this new venture and where it will take me. I’ll keep you guys updated throughout the process.

P.S. – I’ll still be keeping up with Letters from an Internet Traveler, as well as my own writing. Hopefully I’m not biting off more than I can chew.


Letters from an Internet Traveler the Medium Publication

In addition to my newsletter experiment, I’ve decided to post my letters on Medium as well. So I created a publication for them.

I thought it would be a good idea since Medium has been the driving force in building my audience. In addition to increasing exposure to my letters, this publication provides an alternative option for those who are wary about committing to a periodic newsletter, allowing readers to read my letters at their leisure.

So, if you’re on Medium already, follow Letters from an Internet Traveler!

Letters from an Internet Traveler

If you have no idea what Medium is, and you like the idea of writing and collaborating with a community of talented writers, click here to sign up. Then follow me and follow Letters from an Internet Traveler.

This publication will help me determine where I receive the most positive feedback (aka subscribers) and ultimately where I will continue to publish my letters—either I continue on with the newsletter, or I completely switch over to Medium.


Why I [Really] Unfollowed You on Instagram

Today I read this long analysis of why this particular writer unfollows on Instagram, and what he wishes social media should be used for, and what it is turning into. But personally, I don’t think the reasons for unfollowing are that deep. So I started to think of all the reasons why I unfollow people on Instagram, and I felt like it would be a humerous, realistic response. So I decided to put down 5 of the biggest, honest reasons to unfollow someone. Use the link below to read the story.

Why I [Really] Unfollowed You on Instagram