Letters from an Internet Traveler the Medium Publication

In addition to my newsletter experiment, I’ve decided to post my letters on Medium as well. So I created a publication for them.

I thought it would be a good idea since Medium has been the driving force in building my audience. In addition to increasing exposure to my letters, this publication provides an alternative option for those who are wary about committing to a periodic newsletter, allowing readers to read my letters at their leisure.

So, if you’re on Medium already, follow Letters from an Internet Traveler!

Letters from an Internet Traveler

If you have no idea what Medium is, and you like the idea of writing and collaborating with a community of talented writers, click here to sign up. Then follow me and follow Letters from an Internet Traveler.

This publication will help me determine where I receive the most positive feedback (aka subscribers) and ultimately where I will continue to publish my letters—either I continue on with the newsletter, or I completely switch over to Medium.

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