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Below you’ll find my career profile, as well as some things I’ve written, edited, and curated. Hopefully, they impress you. For freelance inquiries, or to review a full copy of my personal resume, please contact me directly.

Career Summary

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I am an enthusiastic, versatile writer and editor with experience in various styles of communication and rhetoric. Savvy and self-motivated, with a fresh perspective and innate drive to produce high-quality work. Thorough experience in writing about technology and culture. Able to effectively balance projects and time, adhere to tight deadlines, multi-task, and work in any environment. Expertise includes content development, blogging, editing, proofreading, copywriting/editing, publishing, technical writing, and information design.

Professional Experience

  • Founding Editor with Digital Culturist from Oct 2015-Present.
  • Technical Writer I with FIS Global from Jan 2015-Present.
  • Technical Writer with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts from Sept 2013-Jan 2015.

Freelance and Additional Projects


  • Bachelor’s in English/Technical Communication from the University of Central Florida (Aug. 2013).
  • Associate’s in Mass Communications/Journalism from Miami Dade College (Jun. 2011).
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Editing from Poynter Institute and the American Copy Editor Society (In progress).

Additional Experience

  • Knowledge of editorial process, as well as copy editing/proofreading techniques and standards.
  • Extensive experience working in content management systems, including Medium, WordPress, Blogger, and Author-it.
  • Proficient in G Suite, Microsoft Office, Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
  • Working knowledge of HTML/CSS and PHP coding.
  • Bi-lingual; able to read, write, and speak fluent Dutch.

Things Written

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Articles and Essays

Drowning in a Sea of Information
Digital Culturist // June 2016
A personal account and analysis of information overload.
This article was republished by Quartz (of Atlantic Media)

Computing all the Feels
Digital Culturist // Jan 2016
Exploring the future possibilities of affective computing in our society through short fiction

What is Digital Culture?
Digital Culturist // Oct 2015
An analysis and definition of digital culture as an idea. The introduction/mission statement to Digital Culturist magazine.

On the Relationship Between Humans and Technology
Adventures in Consumer Technology // Aug 2015
A juxtaposition of humans and the technology we use every day.

Why It’s Difficult for Me to Make Decisions
Digital Culturist // Aug 2015
An analysis of decision making in a digital culture of unlimited choices.

The Best Ways to Consume the Web
Adventures in Consumer Technology // Jul 2015
A curated list of some of the best technologies and tools I use (or have used) to explore the web.

Why Posting to Reddit Gives Me Anxiety
Digital Culturist // Jun 2015
An analysis of social anxiety in a digital setting.

Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole with Thundercat’s Drunk
CODE Magazine // Feb 2017
A concise review of the jazz-fusion album Drunk by Thundercat.


Landing page copy for The Disconnect
Final product
| Initial draft
The Disconnect is a digital magazine that literally forces you to disconnect from the internet. I wrote the pre-lauch copy for this landing page in collaboration with the project lead, Chris Bolin. The goal was to make the copy as concise as possible to maximize the reader’s attention while being descriptive enough to accurately convey the concept behind the project.

Things Edited

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We Need Librarians Today More Than Ever
Published article | Draft with edits and feedback
This is a draft of a piece submitted to Digital Culturist for Issue 5. This sample demonstrates my understanding of the editorial process, as well as my ability to edit extensive pieces and work with the writer to develop a compelling, in-depth product. I edited this piece for grammar, punctuation, syntax, tone, and style to ensure it reads smoothly and presents clear, concise ideas.

Things Curated

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Digital Culturist is a tech culture magazine, of which I am the Found Editor, whose mission is to observe the digital age through the eyes of those who created it. We publish analytical, informed stories and essays focused on the internet, technology, and how they affect human behavior, psychology, and social culture. As the founding editor, I personally review and edit each story published in each issue. Issues include 5-10 stories that vary in topic, length, and style. The stories range from poetic reflections on depression in the digital age to personal analysis essays on information overload, and everywhere in between.

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Letters from an Internet Traveler is a newsletter with which I curate and share the thought-provoking tidbits and intriguing obscurities I discover on my travels across the internet. I deliver these letters at sporadic intervals.