Hi, I’m Clayton

I write and edit things for a living. Below you’ll find some of those things. You can view a full copy of my personal resume here. For more about who I am, click here.

Things Written

Tech Reviews

Sony A6000 Review – a Modern Classic in 2020? // Casual Photophile
Reviewing a six-year-old camera to determine how it stacks up in 2020.

Thoughts on Tech

This is Your Digital Fingerprint // The Disconnect
On digital fingerprinting and the importance of privacy in the digital age. Co-written with Nick Briz.

Informed Complacency and the Potential Decline of Curiosity // Cyborgology
My lingering thoughts on how we perceive knowledge based on the convenience of tech, and how our sense of curiosity could be on a decline because of it.

There is a Psychological Reason You Struggle to Find the Right Information-life Balance // Quartz
A personal account and analysis of information overload. This article was originally published in Digital Culturist as “Drowning in a Sea of Information.” 

What is Digital Culture? // Digital Culturist
An analysis and definition of digital culture as an idea. The introduction/mission statement to Digital Culturist magazine.

Why It’s Difficult for Me to Make Decisions // Digital Culturist
An analysis of decision making in a digital culture of unlimited choices.

The Best Ways to Consume the Web // Adventures in Consumer Technology
A curated list of some of the best technologies and tools I use (or have used) to explore the web.

Why Posting to Reddit Gives Me Anxiety // Digital Culturist
An analysis of social anxiety in a digital setting.

Computing all the Feels // Digital Culturist
Exploring the future possibilities of affective computing in our society through short fiction.

Things Edited

Editor of The Disconnect, an offline-only digital magazine of commentary, fiction, and poetry with a mission to change the way people consume modern media. Each issue forces you to disconnect from the internet, allowing you to focus on the words and ideas in front of you without constant distractions and relentless advertisements. Our work has been featured in NautilusColumbia Journalism Review, Fast Company, Media Voices Podcast, and Lifehacker.

Founding Editor of Digital Culturist, a tech-culture magazine whose mission is to observe the digital age through the eyes of those who created it. Publishing analytical, informed stories, essays, and poems focused on the internet, technology, and how they affect human behavior, psychology, and social culture.