Clayton d’Arnault is a Florida-grown writer-editor with a propensity for critical thinking and a passion for cultivating new ideas.

He writes about technology and the internet, and he particularly enjoys scrutinizing their social, cultural, and philosophical implications. So far, his writing has appeared in publications such as The Disconnect, Quartz, Cyborgology, and Digital Culturist. When he’s not writing about technology, Clayton is editing and developing other people’s writing for The Disconnect or Digital Culturist.

Through personal experience, Clayton believes that the affordances of technology can leave many of us lost, dazed, and confused in a world of overwhelming possibility. Therefore, he has made it his personal mission to change the way people consume information and ideas by making the digital world easier to understand and navigate. Whether he’s writing thought-provoking pieces, helping writers develop their own ideas, or curating curious tidbits of the internet, the projects he involves himself in clearly reflect this mission.

When he’s not writing or editing other people’s writing, he’s most likely out and about perfecting his photographic eye, or doing other things like lifting heavy things at the gym; playing soccer with his local Sunday league; vibing to hip-hop, jazz, or lo-fi music; nerding out over comic book movies; or dreaming about the day he’ll make it out west to do some backcountry hiking and camping.