Letter #10: Building better humans.

As Darwin predicted, we are evolving. Maybe not as biologically as he theorized, but psuedo-biologically. By using modern technology to our advantage, we are splicing, impanting, and philosophizing our way to better humans. In this letter, discover our plans for building the humans of future generations. Letters from an Internet Traveler is a newsletter for the curious, who who … Continue reading Letter #10: Building better humans.

Letter #7: Its All About Perspective

The 7th installment of Letters from an Internet Traveler, my personal newsletter, went out on November 25, 2015. Just in case you missed it, Letter #7 was all about shedding new light on alternative ways of thinking and perceiving the known and unknown. The letter included links to unique view points regarding addiction, cosmic existentialism, … Continue reading Letter #7: Its All About Perspective