My Newsletter Experiment

I surf the Internet. A lot.

I do so for about 8 hours a day; I guess you could say its a full-time job on top of my full-time job, I just don’t get paid to do it.

Note: if you know of a position where I can get paid to use the internet, please contact me immediately.

I’m always searching for something new for my brain to absorb, digest, and turn into inspiration for my next piece. Needless to say, I discover a lot of interesting content along the way that I feel should be shared and exposed. Naturally, I push these discoveries to the basic outlets: Twitter, Facebook, etc. But I find that in a world of over-saturation, social media timelines are prone to flooding, which often drowns out my attempts at educating the masses. Additionally, it seems like many of my own friends and family on Facebook don’t share my interests and fascinations. While my Twitter followers are only on Twitter for follows and retweets, rather than to consume content. Either that, or they’re bots. It’s a bit frustrating, like I’m talking into a void.

Therefore, I’ve decided to build an email list dedicated to people who are interested in receiving and discussing thought-provoking content. I’ve dubbed this list Letters from an Internet Traveler.

You’re probably wondering, why email? It’s a dying platform.

On the contrary, I would venture to say that it’s the longest lasting social platform in existence today. I think email feels very personal to the user—the snail mail of this era. It’s addressed directly to the recipient, written just for their eyes. Most importantly, for my purposes, it’s isolated. Email allows the reader to focus on that one message or piece of information alone, rather than sifting through an ocean of info on their timelines. Though, you could argue that most inboxes get flooded with push notifications galore. But hey, this is just an experiment for exposure. Plus it’s giving me a chance to try my hand at email marketing, which could prove useful for my career in the future. What I like about this idea the most is that, if email fails me, I can always sustain these “letters” by porting the concept over to another platform like Medium or my own blog.

Letters from an Internet Traveler is a weekly newsletter where I send you a few of the most interesting links that I’ve discovered throughout the week, along with my own short, personal take on the subject. Also, it’s an additional outlet for announcements regarding my own work and personal developments.

I’ve already written a few letters to a few subscribers, but I’m hoping that this post will help expose the project and coerce some interested people to sign up.

If you’re a cybernaut like me, who loves discovering new, interesting things about our world, technology, society, and culture, please click here to sign up for my newsletter. Or click the crudely designed banner below. I look forward to quenching your thirst for thought-provoking content.

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Thank you to my brother for this amazing doodle of me.


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